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About Us

  At Blessed Casket, we understand the trying times that families must endure when they lose a loved one. From the range of intense emotions that one experiences, to the heartbreaking moments of calling and informing family members, to the often-cumbersome process of planning the funeral, we know that the grieving process can be a personal and difficult journey. 

Our goal is to do whatever we can to make that journey easier. Unfortunately, many funeral homes price-gouge grieving families with overpriced caskets and inflated charges on other funeral expenses. Preying on your grief is not what we do; nor do we advocate high-pressure sales practices, significant price markups and upselling. Blessed Casket provides the same caskets that other companies do, but at wholesale prices, which are marked down up to 80%. 

Blessed Casket products are made of high-quality materials with simple, elegant finishes that reflect beauty, distinction and nobility. As you once honored your loved one in their physical lifetime, we too will respect your loved one during their time of transition, in a spirit of trust and accountability. 

We arrange timely delivery to the funeral home of your choice and have free ground shipping to 48 states (except to Alaska and Hawaii). Superior Quality, Customer Care and Pricing are what we are all about.


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